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One Day in a Project | BYMT

“My favourite memory in my BYMT experience is from after the final show, when all of us went into a huge group hug. The overwhelming mix of happiness, adrenaline and tears was unforgettable. I think the best part of BYMT in general is the friends you make, and the sense of solidarity you have with them. Nothing gets much better than doing what you love with amazing people by your side!”

James, 15 | BYMT Performer | Ministry of Truth 2021

After our National Auditions Tour in January-February, we are adding few more ONLINE AUDITIONS to provide more opportunitites for young pefreomers who missed our audition tour, but still would like to join. Each audition is a chance for a talented young person to join our 2-3 weeks residential projects during this Easter or Summer, train with theatre professionals, make new friends from all over the UK and overseas, create a marvelous piece of musical theatre from ground up and star in a full-scale musical. 

Ever wondered what is it like to be part of such an amazing and daunting project? In this blog we will to guide you through several spectacular journeys shared by our amazing participants who starred in the shows from the Summer Season 2021. Our One Day in a Project videos offers you a glimpse into the world of performing arts and theatre-making. Venture backstage and experience the true magic of BYMT- our amazingly talented young performers! Without their enthusiasm and joy, our shows wouldn’t be as special as they are. There would be no sense of community or lifelong friendships built. Our fairy-tale is how the love of theatre brings young people together. And nothing shows this better than our performers inviting you into the magical behind the scenes world of BYMT.

Meet our fabulous Tinker Bell in our 2021 production of Peter Pan at Powderham Castle in Exeter. Sophie, 17, from Berkshire, loved the 3 weeks she spent with us. It was a fun-filled adventure into creating a full-scale theatre production. The young cast trained with top theatre professionals including Director Tiffany King, Musical Director Cillian Donaghy and Choreographer Nicola Mac to develop their skills and create this wonderful show. In this video Sophie takes us behind the scenes of Peter Pan's last day and show. 

This video is shared by our fantastic young cast members Poppy, 17, from London, and Sam, 17, from Warwickshire. Let them show you around the phenomenal premiere day of Why The Whales Came - a show which took place at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth in 2021. The musical is based on Michael Morpurgo's famous story that captivates the imagination. The young people worked with our acclaimed creative team including Composer and Musical Director Bella Barlow, Writer Nikki Racklin, Director Simon Kane and Choreographer Phyllida Crowley-Smith, to develop this mesmerising show from scratch.

Check out the marvelous behind the scenes footage of Goblin Market with Grace, 18, from Shropshire. The amazing 2021 performance in the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, enthralled audiences with a spellbounding reimagination of Christina Rossetti's famous tale. The chamber opera of high energy physical theatre and complex musical harmonies, enchanted audiences with its three day run. The young cast experienced top-level professional experience with practioners such as Director Gerard Jones, Musical Director Adam Gerber and Movement Director Danielle Meehan.

Explore further into the extraordinary production of 2021's Goblin Market with Monica, 17, from London. Her and the rest of the cast enjoyed their time training with a professional creative team. Together they produced an enchanting and mysterious retelling of Christina Rossetti tale, whilst having the time of their lives. 

Embark on an adventure through the backstage of our 2021 production of babies at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich with our digital champions Hollie, 17, from Cornwall and Neve, 16, from Kent. Let them show you what a day of the final tech rehearsals for a BYMT show looks like and get inspired by the talent and enthusiasm of our amazing participants. The cast were joined with a stunning line-up of theatre professionals: Writer Martha Geelan, Composer Jack Godfrey, Director Ellie Jones and Musical Director Joe Beighton.

Follow the backstage journey of our incredible participant Anna, 19, from Middlesex. The 2021 show Nightshade, performed at Bridewell Theatre in London, is an epic and moving musical about magicians and superheroes. The whole cast created such an exciting and heart-warming community. They thrived off the creative leadership of Writer & Director Ellis Kerkhoven and Composer & Musical Director Adam Gerber, and brought us an awe-inspiring show. 

If you are thrilled by what you see, make sure you sign up for our March-April 2022 online auditions for your chance to be involved in our phenomenal musicals. It is a extraordinary experience, full of laughter and exhilaration. Join us to create a memory that you will cherish forever. 

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One Day in a Project