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British Youth Music Theatre (BYMT) is the leading musical theatre company for young people. We work across the UK and Ireland with West End professionals to offer unique opportunities and high-quality training to young people. Since 2003 we have trained over 8,000 young people, many of whom have successfully entered the creative industries such as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lauren Samuels, Charlotte Ritchie, Jack Bence, Lucy Griffiths, Luke McCall, Bradley Jaden and many more!


Online Auditions for BYMT's 2022 Season are now on sale! We are looking for talented young performers and musicians to perform in our next season of new music theatre starting at Easter 2022. Auditions are open to anyone aged 11-21 and no previous experience is necessary. The online auditions consist of a 2-hour online workshop led by top theatre professionals. During the workshop you will first undertake a series of warm up exercises, then learn a new song and sing it back to the auditions team, learn a short movement section and do some acting exercises. Our team will learn a lot from this about your abilities, any past training and all that raw talent you can show off. 

In January/February 2022 we are planning to hold face-to-face 'live' auditions again at selected centres around the UK. These will of course be dependent on Covid restrictions remaining suspended. Our 'live' auditions are three hours long each and take the form of a group workshop with continuous assessment throughout. More details will be available soon. 




If you are successful, you will be invited to join one of our exciting musical theatre productions over Easter or during the Summer. These are all residential courses and take place across the UK.You will be living and breathing theatre 24/7 for 2-3 weeks. BYMT is a new writing company so you will be developing new work that no one has seen before (except when we revive our own shows and even then we often rewrite them). Some of our shows are commissioned new work and some are devised; whichever way, stand by to test your creativity.You will work with West End professionals to build a full-scale musical show from the ground up and perform in the UK’s most prestigious venues and festivals! You will also get a Grade 8 Certificate from Trinity College London. There’s no experience like it! AUDITION NOW! 

PS: Did you know we had a bursary scheme? More info here!

BYMT National Auditions 2020


Online Audition 1 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sat 23 Oct 2021: Online

Online Audition 2 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sun 24 Oct 2021: Online

Online Audition 3 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sat 30 Oct 2021: Online

Online Audition 4 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sun 31 Oct 2021: Online

Online Audition 5 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sat 6 Nov 2021: Online

Online Audition 6 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sun 14 Nov 2021: Online

Online Audition 7 (Autumn 2021) Book Now

Sun 21 Nov 2021: Online