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BYMT’s National Auditions 2020

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone, who took part in our National Auditions 2020.

In February we visited 19 cities across the UK and in Ireland. 24 BYMT’s auditions were attended by over 1000 young performers and we have seen an incredible amount of young talent.

Although many of our auditionees didn’t have any previous musical theatre or audition experience, our audition panel was amazed by the level of their skills, passion and determination.

BYMT National Auditions 2020

Alicia Frost, our amazing choreographer, whose credits include working for English National Opera and the Royal Opera House as well as a number of BYMT shows such as A.L.I.C.E. in Wanderlust in 2019, was part of our Audition panel this year.

As she said about BYMT’s auditions 2020: “Real enthusiasm and eagerness around this year! Fantastic to see so many keen young performers. I was thrilled and surprised by the talented turnout. It’s my hope that all who came to audition continue to develop their performance skills in pursuit of their artistic passions. Practice and self-belief are key”.

Alicia Frost

We still have one last audition on 28 March in London, but most of our National Auditions 2020 have already happened and the first bulk of our Offer Letters are getting ready to be sent.

We understand your excitement, BYMT’s Summer Season 2020 promises to be spectacular. We have an incredible line-up of seven magnificent shows that will offer all young people of all ages and with different skillsets the opportunity to express their talent and master their performing skills.

BYMT National Auditions 2020

Most of our participants from Northern Ireland and Ireland will definitely enjoy staging Tony Macaulay's second memoire, Breadboy, set in Belfast in the 1970s during The Troubles and following the story of young Tony from our smash-hit musical Paperboy. The show will be brought to life by platinum-selling Belfast artist Duke Special and stand-up comedian Andrew Doyle.

Paperboy 2019 BYMT

For all the rest of BYMT Company 2020 we have a rich selection of diverse shows that will give them all the opportunity to express themselves. Some big titles in literature will be brought to life in our musical theatre adaptations:

A fascinating brand-new musical based on one of the most popular Michael Morpurgo’s (Warhorse) novels Why The Whales Came and filled with the music of the sea.

A terrifically modern and delightful production of J.M. Barrie’s all-time favourite classic, Peter Pan. This show was really successful last year at the Theatre Royal Margate and now will be performed at the Rose Theatre Kingston.

Peter Pan 2019 BYMT

A tempting, controversial and seductive chamber opera Goblin Market created by Conor Mitchell and Kath Burlinson and directed by Gerard Jones, whose credits also include working for the Royal Opera House.

Goblin Market 2005 BYMT

Also we are looking to stage a brand new musical The Night The War Ended telling the story of teenage Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret who sneaked out of the palace to join the biggest party in history on 8 May 1945, a night that will be remembered forever. The show is written by an acclaimed writing team Stephanie Jayne Amies and Teddy Clements (Tomorrow, Maybe) and will be directed by international director Steven Dexter.

Another brand-new show Cabaret Macabre will be a devised project for quirky, mouthy and creative participants aged 16 or over. They will have to arrange the darkest party in town and then kick up a storm on behalf of the most maligned and mistreated women of the last seven centuries.

Dance Connection 5 | BYMT

Additionally, our young dancers will be invited to devise a boundary-pushing and genre-bending new dance show together with internationally renowned choreographer Jo Meredith. Our Dance Connection 6 as usual will explore some of the most burning issues of the contemporary world.

As you can see our Summer Season 2020 is going to be absolutely fantastic and will make every BYMT experience unforgettable.

BYMT National Auditions 2020

If you missed our auditions in February there is still a chance to get into our Summer Season 2020. We are holding our final audition on 28 March in London and you can still book your place.

Alternatively, you can join our Musical Theatre Easter Camp on 6-11 April in Wiltshire that will include a free audition. 

Book your final BYMT audition on 28 March here

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BYMT Auditions 2020