Peter Pan is back! | British Youth Music Theatre

Peter Pan is back!

BYMT’s exceptional young company of emerging talent are about to take the public into a breath-taking journey to Neverland with the boy who never grew up.

Brought to life by an acclaimed creative team including Director Sarah Ingram, Musical Director Cillian Donaghy and Choreographer Mark Iles, the all-time favourite classic Peter Pan is turned into a delightful and truly memorable family show that takes us back to the magical heart of the story.Peter Pan, BYMT“The story of Peter Pan is timeless because it appeals to the child in all of us. Who wouldn’t want to go back to a time of imagination, adventure and a lack of adult responsibility” – says Sarah Ingram. “Peter Pan is a story of adventure, bravery and unlimited imagination”. Peter Pan, BYMTCreated by Writer Nick Stimson and Composer Jimmy Jewell, this new inspiring show combines a fabulous rock-pop score and features the stunning ensemble work. “Just like Peter Pan himself, Jimmy Jewell’s score is fun and youthful and the endless amount energy and commitment that our company brings does it justice. As part of our vision the cast will transport the audience to Neverland in a way particularly unique to this production.” – says Cillian Donaghy.Peter Pan, BYMTBYMT’s exceptionally talented young cast have been working hard for 2 weeks to recreate a vivid magical world, the home of the Lost Children, the Red Indians, the fairies, the mermaids, and the cunning Captain Hook with his motley crew of pirates.

“When creating a piece of theatre where the only limits are those of our own creativity, what better company to be in than a group of fearless young Actors. By using all of their talents and natural ability we have created a world away from our norms and embraced the endless possibilities of Neverland and the Boy who wouldn’t grow up!” – says Sarah. Peter Pan, BYMT“I love having the opportunity to create an entirely new and fantastical visual world, making the most of the incredible ideas and physical talents of our performers. My choreographic work is unusual for musical theatre, and has its roots in physical theatre, where things are less descriptive and more expressive. I hope to evoke a feeling of a place rather than just show an image of it, and Peter Pan was the perfect opportunity to do this” – says Mark Iles.

This incredible show takes off tomorrow, 16 August at Theatre Royal Margate. Embark on this magical journey and remind yourself that all children, except one, grow up.

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Peter Pan, BYMT

“By using this exciting adaption to unleash the endless possibilities of these aspiring actors we can all experience the talent of tomorrow by supporting today, - Sarah Ingram, Director”