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A silver branch of the mystic apple tree, laden with fruit, is your passport to the Otherworld....

Based on the books by F Marian McNeil, Scottish composer Gerard McBurney, Creative Director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra and composer for Théâtre de Complicité, creates a work celebrating and exploring Scotland's long association with pagan festivals and creatures.

From banshees to kelpies, changelings to witches, the Horned God to the Cailleach, the one-eyed genius of winter, this fascinating and innovative production begins its development with Youth Music Theatre UK featuring 40 of the finest young actors and musicians from across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Fabulous physical ensemble work, fantastical characters, and a cycle of extraordinary songs will transport the audience into a world of moon magic, spells and rites, rituals and Otherworlds that promise to be irresistibly enchanting....

Creative Team

Original Author, The Silver Bough
F. Marian MacNeill

Gerard McBurney

Kath Burlinson

Movement Director
Struan Leslie

Musical Director
Simon Deacon

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Imogen Adderley

Jasvinder Ahluwalia

Jessica Barker

Kelsey Bennett

Ewan Black

Tom Brady

Ophir Burton

Carlie-Anne Chuchla

Anthony Collesso

Shannon Cordiner

Lauren Cunningham

Lauren Cursiter

Lucy Doogan

Megan Fraser

Nadine Gilmour

Dave Hearn

Robert Jones

Edith Kirkwood

Victoria Lennox

Riona Claire Logan

Natalie Mair

Craig Manson

Alicia Marsden

Ivan Matsumoto

Lawrence Murphy

Natasha Orren

Elizabeth Rowe

Emma Rushworth

Hannah Scanlon

Ewan Somers

Aveen Stewart

James Stott

Miriam Swainsbury

Isla Van der Heiden

Amy Walsh

Rachel Waters

Abigail Watton

Lara Wauchope

Kirsten May Whitfield

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