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What happens on a Musical Theatre Summer Camp?

Summer is approaching fast and so are BYMT's Musical Theatre Summer Camps! Here's the ultimate way to break free after lockdown and catch up on all the fun and creativity you missed out in 2020!

Summer Camps are open to anyone aged 11-17 and require no audition and no previous experience. Each Summer Camp is a 6-day fun-filled activity holiday that provides intense creative training with top theatre professionals to explore and develop your performing abilities. All BYMT Summer Camps are ending with a performance on the final day to friends and family, invited guests and theatre staff.

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So, what actually happens on a Musical Theatre Summer Camp?

You will be staying in either a Boarding School or University. All our participants are living together in shared rooms or sometimes single rooms depending on the venue, and you will be with people who are roughly your own age. 

Each year we get a lot of young people who are away from home for the very first time in their lives and feeling worried and scared. If you feel the same, don’t worry. As soon as you meet other participants and realise how friendly and welcoming our camps are, you will immediately relax and spend your week having fun and making friends. We have 24-hour pastoral staff looking after everyone and helping with any issues you might have.

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On your first day you will meet the creatives: a Director, a Musical Director and a Choreographer. The creative team will have an initial idea about the theme of the performance you are going to create – usually a story or poem, historical event, myth or fairy-tale.

This will be your starting point and the rest is up to YOU! Your input is critical in creating a brand-new piece of music theatre as you will be asked to suggest possible lyrics, movement sequences, invent characters and develop storyline.

You will be working long hours from 9am to 9pm with some breaks for lunch and dinner. The ‘Grand Plan’ is that by lunchtime on Saturday, a brand new piece of original musical theatre has been created by YOU! At 2pm on the last day, family, friends are invited along to watch your new musical, which normally lasts around 30 minutes. Audiences are always amazed at how much can be achieved in six days, but we know it's because of your hard work, dedication and talent!

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Additionally, we are very aware of the level of concern about the risks from Covid-19 and are closely following Government and Public Health England (PHE) advice so we can monitor and plan accordingly.  Please read BYMT's full update on Covid-19 here.

Working together on Summer Camp is one of the best ways to make great, often life-long, friends from different backgrounds, to share a unique experience and to come out at the other end proud of what you achieved, whilst becoming more confident as a performer and a person. 

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What participants say:

It was such an incredible experience, the training I received was phenomenal, it’s a brilliant learning experience for anyone interested in performing arts” – James, 16

I met some amazing young people, my confidence grew profusely and I felt such a difference in my performing abilities after spending an intense 6 days, just working to perform” – Syanne, 16

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“It was such an incredible experience, the training I received was phenomenal, it’s a brilliant learning experience for anyone interested in performing arts” – James, 16”