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Ministry of Truth

On the 13-14 August 2021 our spectacular new dance show Ministry of Truth will be performing at the Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth! Part of BYMT’s boundary-pushing Dance Connection series, this new contemporary dance show features a genre-bending original new score and powerful movement.

In a world afflicted by collective amnesia where events are continually erased and rewritten, a group of young people find themselves trapped in limbo between past and present. This is the beginning of a frenetic race against time for our heroes, trying to discover the truth before everyone's memories are erased again. How far are you willing to go to find the truth?

The Director and Choreographer of Ministry of Truth Rachel Birch-Lawson says: "Ministry of Truth will be a hard-hitting show about grief, censorship, and manipulation. We'll explore these topical themes through voice, movement, and song - and a little bit of mystery. With the shadowy and sister Ministry of Truth watching everything, how do we know what is true and who to trust?  I’m excited to work with these talented young people to continue to develop BYMT’s Dance Connection programme and push the boundaries of Musical Theatre!"

Rachel has previously directed shows for BYMT inlcuding Sweat Factory (2015) and The Dark Tower (2016) getting raved reviews for both: - The Dark Tower: 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"... a magnificent new work that is unlike anything most of us have ever seen ... It is the elaborated expression of a serious, almost lofty, topic, but this is modulated by the frank youthfulness of the people presenting it. The vulnerability of their years, and the intensity of their involvement with every last detail of the work, the overpowering force of their commitment to the story they are telling, and to the extraordinary means they are using to tell it, are as electrifying as they are fascinating. You conclude that if you can say anything about what this is, you can say: this is new.”

Musical Theatre Review - Sweat Factory

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"... Rachel Birch-Lawson’s choreography is ideally matched to the depth of the subject matter ... Sweat Factory breaks much new ground for YMT, placing contemporary dance against the fabric of a modernist score with minimal spoken dialogue. Within this innovative medium, the piece boldly explores serious, real-world issues whose interpretation by such a young cast of performers demonstrates a maturity beyond their years. The artistic direction activated by this work is one that YMT are keen to pursue further in the future, and this production certainly represents an excellent inaugural venture."


Jon Bromwich  BYMT's Executive Producer talks about Dance Conncection Series: "In 2014 we experimented with contemporary dance, blending it with choral singing to create a truly unique performance style. Our Dance Connection series has been led by choreographer Rachel Birch-Lawson and offers a totally different experience for creative dancers and movers with strong voices. In 2021 Rachel makes her latest work for BYMT: Ministry of Truth at the Drum, Theatre Royal Plymouth, on 13-14 August.

Each project is devised from scratch in two weeks of close collaboration between our creative team and an exceptionally talented young cast. Each time it is an absolutely fresh, innovative, boundary-breaking show. The Dark Tower in 2016 was reviewed by as “…the biggest musical theatre event of the year…” and “…a magnificent new work that is unlike anything most of us have ever seen”. Sweat Factory in 2015 was described by Musical Theatre Review as “… breaks much new ground for YMT… such a young cast of performers demonstrates a maturity beyond their years…”.

We have no doubt that our Dance Connection series provides young people with a unique chance to explore the new approaches and new vision at theatre and their own skills. In future they will form the new generation of creative pioneers and inventors"


This vivid and thought-provoking show explores real-world questions about freedom, truth and technology through a genre-bending original new score and powerful movement!