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Cabaret Macabre

Welcome to the darkest party in town, where a 30-strong fabulous cast will invite everyone to kick up a storm on behalf of the most maligned and mistreated women of the last seven centuries.

Brought to life by an acclaimed creative team Bookwriter and Director Jessica Walker, Composer and Musical Director Joseph Atkins, and Choreographer Steven Harris this breath-taking new show promisses to be really provocative, controversial and tempting.


Bookwriter and Director Jessica says: "We're all working very hard. Every day Joe and I are giving new music and words to the cast to learn. Steven, our choreographer, then sets the new music, almost as soon as he hears it for the first time! Luckily, the cast pick new material up very fast, so we are able to work efficiently. Because they are all so adept, we are already getting a good sense of the style and shape of the piece. 

Cabaret Macabre 2021 | BYMT

The piece should look striking, with some extremes in the lighting, look and movement onstage. This is in keeping with the idea of what cabaret is - it's a pretty stylised form. I think the joint vision for the piece is coming together. There are some challenges - the numbers range from being powerful and upsetting to highly comic. This is in the tradition of the Weimar Cabaret, where the genre really got going, but it makes balancing the mood and approach tricky. We're mixing historic figures with contemporary ones, and that also requires a lot of thought, in terms of how our cast embody the characters. I'm happy with how this is working - the cast members are working hard to find their unique personalities and movement, and already creating a dynamic presence onstage."

BYMT's exceptionally talented young cast have been working very head for 2 weeks to recreate some amazing historic characters and portray their heart-rending stories. As Jessica says: "The cast is enthusiastic, hard-working and multi-talented. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly they can assimilate new music, words and choreography. They bring a wonderful energy and enthusiasm into the room, and are prepared to try anything. I'm very impressed with them". And no doubts regarding their talent and enthusiasm, just take a look at the snippets from their Cabaret Night:

The show will be performed on 6-7 August at Bridewell Theatre, London. 

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Cabaret Macabre 2021 | BYMT