Rare Dreams (2007) | British Youth Music Theatre

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'In my song I dream of you and me,
I'm the dream I dream myself to be,
Can I take the all in all of me?
Can I let myself and you be free?'
"Our intention is to create a visually stunning, emotionally stirring and profoundly imaginative and uplifting piece of theatre that works to the highest artistic standards.

What we do best as a creative team is to create authentic, passionate theatre. We all have years of experience in improvisation and devising and finding form for people’s creativity. We are artists who like to experiment, so we are looking for young artists who are open and eager and willing to challenge themselves in new areas of performance. We guarantee you will find yourself doing things you could never have imagined…or dreamed.

Lots of ideas for ‘Rare Dreams’ are flying around between us and Sonum is already working on some music and songs. In this project you can expect to be amazingly stretched as a singer, actor, dancer, musician, writer or poet. And the way we work creates an atmosphere of trust and safety as well as fun and joy. It’s an incredible adventure for us all and we are looking forward to it already."

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Jaygann Ayeh
Katy Ayling
Kirsty Challinor
Susie Chaytow
Bryony Corrigan
Olenka Drapan
Genesis Edwards
Joshua Egirani
Rebecca Farrell
Alex Hammond
Rebekah Jefferies
Anna Cathryn Johnson
Nicky Kill
Naomi Martin
Ivan Matsumoto
Emer McDaid
Henry McGrath
Sarah McVeigh
Grace Miller
Gabriel Mokake
Sunny Moodie
Hannah Nitti
James Nitti
Rachel Norton
Eilidh O'Carroll
Jack Quarton
Bethan Rees
Rachel Singer
Grace Spring
Aveen Stewart
Rosanna Stoker
Alicia Tatton
Paisley Thomas
Joshua Tonks
Alice Tripp
Ashley Tucker
Rhiannon Wallace
Amy Walsh
Callum Welch
Lucy Williams