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'Mort: You're looking for an apprentice?
Death: Of Course.
Mort: I don't have to die to get the job, do I?
Death: Being dead is not compulsory'
Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job. After being assured that being dead was not compulsory, Mort accepted. However, he soon found that romantic longings did not mix easily with the responsibilities of being Death’s apprentice. 

As 'Mort' starts, the titular teenager, whose picture is in the dictionary next to both "gangly" and "geek", has been dragged to the local job fair by his father to be shipped off as someone else's assistant. Mort and his father wait until the final stoke of midnight, when a tall and very thin gentlement -just bones, no skin- shows up with the offer of a lifetime: an opportunity to be Death's apprentice. Mort gets the job, but the opportunities for love are more interesting than the chances to deal death...

Terry Prachett's worldwide popularity as a fantasy and science fiction writer was recognised in 1998 when he received the OBE for services to literature. He has sold more than 50 million books to date, publishing his first work at the age of 15. His novels have since been adapted for TV, film, stage, comics, computer games and radio plays.

Youth Music Theatre UK are proud to be developing Part 1 of Terry Prachett's novel Mort and look forward to working on Part 2 in 2008.

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Nadia Assaf
Jessica Atkins
Florence Barton
Rosanna Bates
Nathan Bull
Jacob Chapman-Short
Nassira Cheref
Kelly Craig
Isabella Crowther
Marcus Dobson
Chris Earley
Kaitlin Farnfield
Christopher French
Ashley Gayle
Daniel Hall
Lowri Hamer
James Hyde
Callum Jones
Gabriel Jones
Scott Lewin
Benjamin Lewis
Harry Lyttle
Jessica March
Bethan McCann
Simon McCoy
Philip Moynihan
Gabriella Nash
Benjamin Norris
Benjamin Potter
Alice Sillett
Jos Slovick
Katie Spencer
Natasha Staffieri
Amelia Thomas-Wilson
Jodie Welch