Loserville: The Musical (2009) | British Youth Music Theatre

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The rock musical event of 2009!

Michael Dork is 17. They call him nerd, geek, slacker. Socially marginalised by the entire school and constantly picked on by Eddie, the coolest boy in school, Michael is desperate to find his ticket outta Loserville. But when stunning new girl Holly arrives, Michael is introduced to a whole new world of cool.

This bold and brilliant new rock musical - performed by 35 of the UK’s most talented young performers and created by James Bourne and Elliot Davis - is a colourful and catchy ride through the life of the underdog. An original anti-hero tale, Loserville: the Musical is a story for those who feel they never quite fit in!

As part of the bands Busted and Son of Dork, James Bourne has had eighteen consecutive Top 3 singles, and has written for many other artists including McFly and Boyzone. His albums have sold over six million copies.

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Ross Aitken
Jon Allsopp
Katy Ayling
Anthony Bartlett
Chris Brown
Emily Morgan Byrt
Lucie Campbell
James Carroll
Gemma Collins
Marcus Dobson
Glen Facey
Natasha Fardell
Emily Gill
Charlotte Hagger
Alexandra Keogh
Stephanie Lovegrove
Ellie Manners
Raheem Mir
Ben Newbury
Matthew Parsons
Emily-Rose Penman-Lee
Ewan Petrie
Kimberley Robb
Ronan Shiels
Hayley Smith
Victoria Spearing
Ellie Taylor-Roberts
Carl Thornley
Ashley Tucker
Stephanie Turbin
Alan Valentine
Rebecca Webster
Michael James Wells
Will Wheeler
Quentin Whitaker
Jack Woodcock