Grace Online (2007) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube, how can we now survive without them? Is this the only way to express ourselves, to define who we really are? Are we succeeding?

Grace Online is the development of a new work: a postmodern operetta which blurs the lines between modernism and kitsch. It looks at how we strive for authentic individuality in a culture where we are apparently all communicating in the same way, all with the same set of rules: we are all the same!

Pushing the boundaries of modern performance and using multi-media environments, Grace Online will challenge your perspective on music, performance and interaction. We will therefore be looking at online identities, the manner of modern human communication, and the quest for true individuality.

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Louise Best
Sophie Bicknell
Sarah Birtles
Jessica Bray
Rhiannon Chesterman
Natalie Crouch
Megan Daniels
Lara Davis
Shauna-Marie Diamond
Abigail Evans
Natasha Fardell
Georgie Farwell
Chelsea Gall
Lucy Gooch
Natalie Goodwin
Amy Hotchin
Fia Houston-Hamilton
Juliette Ivie
Karin Latham
Victoria Lennox
Felicity Litster
Ruth McCague
Florence Morgan-Richards
Keedy Noble
Sophie Partridge
Kerri Rafferty
Sarah Rafferty
Naima Sakande
Emily Taylor
Amy Thornton
Caldy Walton
Helen Watkinson
Emily Welch
Roxy Welch
Samantha Wynn