Force 9 1/2 (2007) | British Youth Music Theatre

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'Oh me, Oh my, this is getting very weird,

And the truth actually is that I'm really quite a-feared,
That I'm trapped in this world for the rest of my days
Where I can't avoid the sickening urge to rhyme on every phrase'

"Force 9½ is a brand new piece of musical theatre about a boy whose life, to his growing horror, is turning into a musical!! This is a show which seeks to come to terms with the gap between our everyday world and the land where people sing and dance until the cows come home!!" - John Nicholson

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Lucy Amos
Ellen Armstrong
Joe Aston
Miriam Breckner
Sophie Brown
Hannah Butterfield
Lucie Campbell
Macey Cherrett
Robert Cliff
Shannon Cordiner
Aoife Cumiskey
Georgia Rae Goodyer
Robyn Grant
Becky Groves
Oliver Hayes
Rosie Kemp
Riana Lynch
Pamela MacDuff
Suzi MacGregor
Finlay MacRae
Steven Millar
Hannah Nuttall
Dayo Opaleye
Ruth Petersen
Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes
Vanessa Rumbidzyai
Callum Simpson
Isobel Steane
David Thomas
Alison Tillson
Kathryn Twigg
Matthew Walker
Nicholas Ward
Holly Webley-Naylor
Christopher Weeks
Michael Wilkins