Catfish! The Musical (2014) | British Youth Music Theatre
Catfish! The Musical

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Online you can be anyone... You meet someone. They’re hot. And funny. And they just seem to get you. This could be IT. You talk all the time and it feels like you may have met the ONE. It gets to that stage in the relationship where you want to take it further… So you meet. Face to face. No texts, no Facebook, no Snapchat, just the two of you together in the flesh. Turns out they’re not who you thought they were. In fact, they lied about everything and your whole world falls apart. The only thing you can think of to say is…WHY?

Catfish! The Musical is an exciting new show, devised by the company, about WHY people lie and the allure of becoming a catfish. Funny and heartbreaking, it looks at the highs and lows of falling in love and finding out the truth behind the fantasy of online romance.

Catfish! The Musical is a non-residential production open to all abilities aged 14 - 21.