Burnt Out Souls (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Have you ever thought about the way knowledge is passed from one generation to the next?

Set in the fictional near future, the world as we know it ceased to exist after a great illness wiped out society. A handful of survivors must train up the burnt out youth in order to rebuild society. But who decides what the new personalities will be like?

Burnt Out Souls is an exciting and haunting new work composed by award-winning film and theatre composer Alexander Rudd. David Gale's text is imaginatively and thoughtfully brought to life through Hilary Westlake's direction and offers an insight into a post-apocalyptic world.

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Emily Albery
Megan Ashley
Josie Charles
Bethany Clarke
Courtnei Danks
India de Rocha Humberstone
Harry Davidson
Isabella Foster
Lauren Hall
Mimmi Harding
Selwin Hulme-Teague
Sam Jordan
Ellen Lloyd
Jake Marchant
Chloe Marsh
Stan Mitchell
Alice Morgan-Richards
Olivia Nielsen
Belinda Parker
Rebecca Pearman
Larissa Pinkham
Florence Russell
Laura Singleton
Michael Taphouse
Thomas Vercnocke


Madeline Ashman
Jerome Blackburn
Isabel Jones
Aden Mazur
Anna Willis