Our People

Sarah Oxley


I am a freelance designer and maker. My background is in designing and making for the theatre and I fell into working in short films and children's television by chance through recommendations. I loved the experience and realised my range of skills and experience was very useful in these environments too.

Working my way up to designer and then heading departments, I gained many extremely useful skills. I am like a sponge, absorbing the advice and experience from the people I work with. As well as the practical skills in prop making, painting, sculpting, costume making and buying, I also learnt to manage tight budgets, strict schedules and inspire, nurture and lead teams of people, sometimes professionals, sometimes volunteers and sometimes people not in the industry, local communities, youth groups and children.
With my experiences of site-specific pieces, sometimes in challenging circumstances, working outside and of course live, no retakes! I'm used to the last minute changes and the unexpected that does happen. It's made me practical, adaptable and very resourceful!

I have learnt that being flexible, dependable, reliable and cheerful is the key. Staying calm and having fun especially under pressure I believe is vital to working together as a cohesive team and getting the job done.

I am passionate about what I do and am totally dedicated to producing work to the highest standard. I work very hard, am used to thinking on my feet, coming up with new ideas, solving problems and rising to a challenge. I’m very confident in my creative abilities, I have an excellent eye for detail and what works.

I feel very fortunate to earn my living doing a job I really enjoy.