An Interview with young performer Niamh Craik | British Youth Music Theatre

An Interview with young performer Niamh Craik

Curious about auditioning for BYMT? Want to know what it’s really like throughout the whole experience? Niamh Craik, 13 from Aberdeen who performed both in Gulliver’s Travels (2017) and starred in Paperboy (2018) with the BYMT Company gave an interview about her experience.

What made you want to audition for BYMT?

 I love performing and I had seen that there were auditions for BYMT coming up and so I thought it would be an exciting opportunity to audition for.

How do you think BYMT has shaped you as a performer?

I think it has made me a better performer because I have learned so much about the professional industry. I also think I have become more aware of the time and effort that goes into a putting on a show.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your time at BYMT?

Just put yourself out there and that if you don’t sing, act and dance your best from the start then you never know what you are capable of achieving.  

What has been your favourite part about BYMT?

My favourite parts are all of the amazing friends that I have made and that by the end of it I felt like I have known everyone for years and not just 3 weeks.I also loved being taught by the industry professionals as they really encourage you and give you confidence to do well.

What makes the BYMT experience so special and unique for young performers?

You get to go away and meet people from all different places. You also experience what it is like to be in a professional environment and what it is like to help create a unique show.

What would you say to other young actors thinking about auditioning for BYMT?

Just go for it. You never know what you can achieve.  

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