AUDITION TIPS 2021! | British Youth Music Theatre


BYMT's Auditions are fast approaching! Starting to feel a bit nervous? Here are five key tips that will help you get the best out of your audition!

1. Try to join the Audition early. Your session will be open 30 minutes before the audition starts, this is to provide you with time to say hello to your other auditionees, ensure your camera and microphone are working and you’re audition ready!

2. Make sure you have plenty of water close to hand. A two-hour online session is a long time to keep physically active and mentally focused, so rehydrating is very important. 

3. Get out of your comfort zone. We are interested in building a committed ensemble who will say yes to whatever task is thrown at them! So jump right in, even if you feel uncertain. 

4. Listen to instructions carefully, but don't be afraid to ask a question or get a practitioner to repeat something if it isn’t clear. It’s easier to commit in the right if you understand fully what is being asked of you. 

5. Treat it as a workshop rather than an audition. Have fun. Be open to working with others and don’t worry about making mistakes. We are not looking for the perfect performance, we are looking to get a good picture of who you are as a performer and a young person.

Some more information about the auditions and how to prepare will be sent to auditionees shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions! If you haven't booked already, there's still time to do so here!

Lots of luck!

Audition Tips 2021