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Up to 75% off the summer project fee!

Every year BYMT takes hundreds of young people on a breath-taking journey into our exciting musical theatre summer season that brings to life some of the biggest titles in theatre, music and literature as well as provides young people with some essential experience in working in the professional environment.

But did you know that BYMT also has a comprehensive bursary scheme that can cover up to 75% of the course fee?  

Fight Like A Girl | BYMT

Meet Denise, 17, from Newcastle, who starred as one of the leads in BYMT’s bold and empowering musical Fight Like A Girl last year.

As she talks about her BYMT experience: “I was successful in my audition the previous year, being selected to be in 'No Man’s Land', an all-female contemporary dance theatre project. The first time I auditioned I never believed I would actually get a place on a show because of how many talented young people audition each year. As soon as I received it I knew I couldn't pass on such a huge opportunity."

Sharing with us her BYMT's experience Denise couldn't put it in one line:

BYMT's Bursary Scheme made this experience possible for Denise:

"No Man’s Land was everything I hoped for in my first BYMT project and more! I'm incredibly grateful to BYMT's bursary scheme. Without it I might have had to withdraw my place. On the BYMT website there was lots of advice on how to raise money. My school were really supportive of me, especially my drama teacher Carolyn Sayer who was instrumental in helping me raise the remaining sum after my bursary was deducted. We held bake sales and lots of other fundraising activities which were very successful.”

No Man's Land | BYMT

Fight Like A Girl was a rip-roaring and rebellious musical set against the backdrop of female boxing and telling the story of a young girl who feels a misunderstood outcast and is going on a journey to reconciliation, redemption and finding her life purpose.

Directed by Nick Stimson and composed by James Atherton, the show was performed in August in Mountview’s brand-new theatre in London and was very well received by the public.  

Fight Like A Girl | BYMT

Denise played Jess, the younger step-sister of the main lead, and her role requested strong acting and vocal skills: “The most challenging thing for me on the course was holding my notes long enough in my solo. I worked on this with James Atherton our musical director and composer, Joe Revell, our assisting musical composer, and Jane Streeton from RADA who works closely with BYMT. Having Jane from RADA work closely with us, leading workshops and giving us personal notes was really inspiring as I really look up Jane.

Fight Like A Girl | BYMT

I learned large amounts from all our creative team but especially our director Nick Stimson. I started to become interested in directing whilst on the project. I expressed this to Nick and he was very supportive. I started to notice creative choices about directing and the intensions behind it and on one occasion I was allowed to give notes to certain members of the cast. 

Another challenge was maintaining eye contact with my partner whilst dancing when playing a love interest. I was able to overcome this challenge by really working on this in rehearsals and taking on feedback by my partner and peers. Over time I realized that my insecurities were all in my head and it was just a case of having confidence in myself.”

Fight Like A Girl | BYMT

Despite of the intense everyday rehearsals from 9am to 9pm Denise was having the time of her life and the premiere at Mountview’s brand new theatre in London was an absolutely extraordinary: “I absolutely loved my BYMT experience! I loved that I was challenged as a performer whilst having fun in the process. This was special to me because it inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone in performance exercises.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in musical theatre or performing arts to go for BYMT. It's an experience that you'll never forget. Just as a person, I became much more confident and brave which will still benefit me in the future if I don't pursue a career in musical theatre or performing arts.”

Fight Like A Girl | BYMT

Thank you, Denise, for your wonderful story and we hope to see you back this year!

BYMT National Auditions are open to absolutely anyone aged 11-21 with a flair for musical theatre and our bursary scheme covers up to 75% of the course fee.

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