Young Writers and Composers

Do you write music? Do you write words? Would you like to explore the craft of writing music theatre? If you are 16-25, this is a chance to sharpen your skills and get fresh ideas from leading professionals, in a week dedicated to unlocking your creative inspiration.

What is the Young Writers and Composers Course

A six-night, fully-residential programme. Each day will be made up of small group sessions or one-to-one tutorials run by professional musical theatre writers who are also experienced workshop leaders.

We will explore core principles in writing music, lyrics and script (‘book’ or libretto) with all participants, and there will also be sessions in which you choose one of those three areas in which to specialise for the week.

Our definition of music theatre is open to all styles of music: Alternative, Blues, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Folk, Gospel, Hip-hop, Indie, Jazz and every other letter of the alphabet! It includes chamber opera, experimental music theatre, and Broadway-style musicals as well as plays or physical theatre with significant musical elements. Part of the inspiration of the week will be the creative partnerships and friendships you can develop with other participants, who may have different writing influences and styles.

You will have the chance to work with BYMT Alumni performers and at the end of the week there will be a short informal sharing of participants’ work with an invited audience of parents, friends and BYMT supporters. That will not be the main focus of the week, however, which is about developing your skills for the future.

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 to 25, from any background and level of experience. We invite applicants from any part of the country and abroad.

Maybe you write songs, poetry, spoken word, sketches… Maybe you sing, play or perform your own material. Maybe you have already written a musical - or you want to try the challenge for the first time. You may already have a passion for one particular music genre – or maybe you want to explore new possibilities. We welcome participants who want to write in the style of shows they already admire, as well as those who want to write a kind of music theatre they have not yet seen.


Details of our 2019 course here

Young Writers and Composers
Young Writers and Composers

“We welcome applications from any young person who is interested in becoming or exploring being a book writer, lyricist, playwright, composer or any combination thereof.”