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Director: Victoria Gartner
Choreographer: TBC
Musical Director: TBC

Our Yorkshire Summer Camp is now fully booked, but fear not, we still have a few places left on our London5, London6Scotland, and Wiltshire 2 Summer Camps!  Book today!

Summer Camps are one week activity holidays providing intensive, creative training in musical theatre for anyone aged 11-17. They are designed for young people looking to explore their potential and develop their acting, singing, movement, writing and instrumental playing abilities. They also offer a Grade 6 Certificate in Musical Theatre accredited by Trinity College London. You'll work with top theatre professionals and create a brand new show in just a week on these exciting residential projects. Summer Camps do not require an audition - so get booking as it's first come, first served!

"Oyiye came back from Summer Camp a totally changed person - more resilient, more grown up, more self-confident. The following year he auditioned for BYMT productions and was succesful. His journey has been truly amazing for us all. And he has the Certificates to prove it!" Carmel Beirne-Francis, Head of Drama, Newman Catholic College, London. 

Vasilisa and Baba Yaga

Once there was, and once there was not…

Vasilisa The Wise is one of the most popular tales of Eastern European folklore. It is a story of initiation, intuition and learning the ways of the world. In the tale, Vasilisa, who is fair and kind, is plagued by an evil step-mother and sisters who are jealous of the young maiden. They send her into the forest to retrieve the fire they have let die. But everybody knows that deep in the heart of the woods lies the rooster-legged house of Baba Yaga, with her fence of skulls and her Three Riders. As Vasilisa asks Baba Yaga for fire, she is ordered to first accomplish three seemingly impossible tasks… luckily for her, her late mother’s doll is safely stored in her pocket and will protect her, guide her, and whisper to Vasilisa the way to escape the witch’s spells.

As we explore this dark fairy tale together, you will get the unique chance to approach Baba Yaga, a central and yet deeply mysterious figure that haunts Eastern Europe’s birch tree woods. This story can take many shapes and form, and we will discover them and find our way through the woods – and back! – together.

What happens on a Musical Theatre Summer Camp? You will - 

• Create and perform a brand new musical based around a theme or concept facilitated by a professional theatre director
• Develop skills in drama, acting, singing, movement, lyric writing and instrumental playing
• Work with a professional artistic team - we only employ experienced working theatre professionals to deliver these courses
• Boost your confidence, self-esteem and teamwork - social skills you'll use everyday and forever
• Gain a Grade 6 certificate in Musical Theatre in Production - Trinity College examiners attend every performance to assess the groups achievements
• Contribute to Arts Award or Duke of Edinburgh Award - build our Summer Camps into your other award schemes to build your portfolio
• Make friends with like-minded people from different backgrounds - and stay in touch for years into the future 
• Stay away from home in university or boarding school - we provide plenty of food and 24-hour pastoral care!

We promise you an exciting, theatrical week full of song, dance and drama. Precise titles of the different Summer Camps will be made available in Spring 2020. Generally they are based on well-known titles to give students a starting point. Previous years' Summer Camps included The Great Gatsby, When the Whales Came (Michael Morpurgo), How to Save the World - an Idiot's Guide, The Witches and The Golden Compass. But these are the starting points - the work is created and devised during the week.

What participants say

“It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities” Annabel, 12, Kent
"I don't know if anything will ever be as amazing as my time with BYMT! Thank you to everyone - cast, crew and chaperones." Kane, 12, Plymouth
"BYMT produces friends from different backgrounds and cultures. It bridges gaps between people who might never cross paths." Felix, 16, Birmingham

Venue: St Peter's School

Website: https://www.stpetersyork.org.uk/
Address: St Peter's School, York, YO30 6AB

As the world’s fourth oldest school, founded in 627 AD, St Peter’s combines a long tradition of academic rigour within a focused learning community, with a lively, modern approach to education. The sporting, artistic, intellectual and cultural opportunities at the school are inspiring, stimulating both participation and achievement at the highest levels.


Course Fees

BYMT courses are heavily subsidied by Arts Council England as well as various other brilliant funders, and as a not-for-profit organisation the course fees help us to cover our costs. The course fee covers full board accommodation, the highest quality tuition, and 24-hour pastoral care.

There are two ways you can pay your course fee: (1) In full OR (2) A deposit with three subsequent instalments.

Domestic students - £625 (deposit: £175), domestic is classified as British/Irish taxpayers.
Overseas students - £725 (deposit: £200), overseas is classified as non-British/Irish taxpayers, living outside UK or Ireland.

How to book?   

  • Book Online: Directly through this page!
  • Book by Phone: If you would like to book your Summer Camp with one of the BYMT team, please call us on: 020 8563 7725  

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