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Opportunities for young people in the arts - BYMT's Schools Outreach Work!

We firmly believe that everyone should be able to participate in the performing arts regardless of their background, which is why we offer bespoke workshops to schools using our pool of professional artists. BYMT has been established as one of the leading youth arts organisations in the UK for over a decade, primarily because of the highly-experienced artists we work with.

BYMT is currently offering bespoke and affordable workshops to schools in London and the surrounding areas (for as little as £50). Plus! We are also piloting a new After-School Club scheme available for schools in West London - read more here or in the attachment at the bottom of this page!

Please contact us through, for more details about BYMT's Outreach Work.

BYMT's Outreach Programme aims to achieve three key objectives:

  1. To help schools deliver performing arts education in times of ever-more depleted departmental budgets
  2. To establish a relationship with as many schools as possible
  3. To fulfil a remit to make talented young people more aware of our work and the benefits of becoming part of the BYMT Company


As our sessions are bespoke, teachers have requested a wide range of workshop topics including:

Introduction to Devising


Helping with School Plays/Pantomimes/Musicals

Practitioner Case Studies (Berkoff, Brecht, Artaud, Stanislavski etc.)

We are aware that school curricula dictate needs and so have identified some key workshops that would be beneficial for each term.


The curriculum has arrived and students from Years 10-13 are either preparing for new GCSE or A Level subjects, or are starting their final exam year. Frequently, these curricular requirements can change, or have their ‘angle’ changed, and we are therefore able to offer workshop or masterclass introductions to:



Texts classical or modern

Character creation

We are also frequently asked to help with school productions, prestige presentations and festive performances. The first academic term is alive with possibilities as there is still a slight window before final exam preparation hits. It is focused on first study year establishment or second study year advanced work from any angle you choose. The course work benefits are many and various…


With the holiday season gone, the next 12 weeks are here just before the exams are upon us. Many groups are, of course, doing well, but equally some are just ‘not getting it’ or not advancing as fast as they (and you) require. Therefore, we offer workshops that will help them focus on:

Material created and a ‘block’ discovered

Text work started and unsure of how to advance to more in-depth study or analysis

Practitioners studied and application required

Directorial input to allow sessions not to be ‘teacher-led’

Generic subject workshop to adapt and apply qualifying as ‘research’

The benefits of having a professional director, composer or choreographer oversee an ongoing creative process are clear as schools have approached us and requested we work with anything from 1 to 8 different groups on varying texts and devised pieces.


With exam season underway, focus is entirely on an extraordinary timetable of never-ending schedules and deadlines. However, by half term, the bulk of the sittings are over and there are 6 weeks left for all but the students who have now left. With more and more establishments employing the ‘rollover timetable’ system, there will never be a better time to introduce students to next year’s curriculum in a vibrant and exciting way than in these weeks. We can therefore offer:

Longer workshops

Inter-departmental workshops (Drama/Music/Dance/English working together creatively)

Creative exploration workshops for new study subjects

‘An Introduction To…’ for specific requirements new to the groups

Script and subject study for specific school performances (for Summer or Autumn terms)

Drama, Music or Dance workshops as a professional introduction to a new genre

The possibilites are endless with BYMT's Outreach work and we are happy to discuss your needs. Please contact for more information.

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