If you have done auditions before, please note that this year we have slightly changed the format of BYMT auditions for 2019.

When you attend a BYMT Audition in 2019
  • You will start by playing some fun and energetic games to get the day off to a good start
  • You will take part in a group dance and have the chance to show the team some improvised movement.
  • Your group will learn a song together
  • You will be asked to sing EITHER the song you just learned OR one you have prepared from the SONG LIST.
  • We will look at your acting skills through a performance of a short monologue which you will have chosen and prepared in advanced. (see song monologue below)

If you have not prepared anything, do not to worry, just come along and join in, we will have plenty of material avaliable.

Youth Music Theatre UK - YMT - Leanne Dixon
Youth Music Theatre UK - National Auditions 2018 - YMT - Youth Theatre

“Bookings for our 2019 Audition Tour, taking place in January & February, are now open!”