National Auditions 2022

Online Audition Breadboy (2022)


Session: 1.00PM - 3.00PM

We are holding one last online audition for our new smash-hit musical Breadboy based on Tony Macaulay's amazing novel. The audition is open to young people aged 11-21, who are from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, or who can do the local accent. 

Do I need to prepare anything?

You don't have to prepare any material. The audition is a 2-hour online group workshop where you’ll be led by a professional director, a musical director and a choreographer. During your workshop you will learn a song, possibly look at a piece of script or even try out some movement. Please be ready to learn new material, create new characters and think on your feet!

Although you don’t have to prepare any material, you do need to prepare yourself. Here are a few tips to consider: Make sure that you are doing the online audition in a reasonably large room where you can move freely. Ideally not on carpet. Make sure that your camera is positioned both so that you can be close up and so that your whole body can be seen at a distance. It’s a good idea to set up your room with a mark on the floor where you can be seen in the camera full length. Make sure your face is well lit from the front. Avoid having bright daylight coming through windows behind you. Tell everyone in your house, including the dog, that you have an audition between the hours of X and X. Before you join us, do a few warm up exercises in advance. If you know how to warm up your voice, do so. Shake yourself down. Get used to being noisy in your space. Have a bottle of water to hand by your laptop.

How to book?

Book Online: Directly through this page!

Book by Phone: If you would like to book your audition with one of the BYMT team, please call us on: 020 8563 7725