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"Remember, be home before curfew and do not speak to the Watchers!"

Whitby, August 2009. A hot sultry night and the town is uneasy – people are going missing night after night. In the heat of summer madness, there is a sense of unease underlying the seeming jollity of the holiday makers eating their fish and chips on the pier, and young lovers fighting over sticks of candy floss. But tonight The Watchers have appeared earlier this evening than usual, and there is the smell of trouble in the air.

A young girl, Dawn, returns to Whitby with her mother for a holiday but Whitby is no longer the carefree seaside resort of her childhood memories. The Watchers impose a midnight curfew, and the town is jittery. In the heat and madness of this hot summer night, Dawn falls immediately for Jude, who she meets on the cliffs and a romance of sorts is born out of shared grief – Jude’s sister is also one of the missing persons.

Join Dawn as she has a dramatic and life changing 24 hours when she clashes with the Watchers, falls in love for the first time, discovers who she really is after a close encounter with a 250 year old vampire and uncovers the dark secret of the missing people. It’s the holiday romance from hell. A 24 hour whirlwind you wouldn’t want to be trapped in. Or would you?

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Anastasia Adams
Samuel Alexander
Grace Barker
Samuel Birchall
Dan Breen
Oisin Brenner
Timothy Chapman
Spike Clarkson
Hannah Conlon
Emily Copas
Ailsa Davidson
Matthew Gibson
Dervla Guckian
Annie Handscomb
Kay Heenan
James King-Nickol
Sophie Kingsley
Jamie Lock
Stephanie Mapplebeck
Aideen McAuley
Megan McCole
Emma Miles
Sophie Morton
Cordelia O'Driscoll
Barry O'Reilly
India Phillips
Ciodagh Quinn
Sam Rhodes
Katie Spencer
Timothy Stiles