The Vortex (2012) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Welcome to The Vortex, where time as we know it has imploded!  In the resulting chaos, all the leaders of time from different ages, mythologies and cultures gather together to try to restore a comprehensible sense of linear time and to try to work out the future of the universe. This young company explored puppetry using found objects in this creative collaboration.

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Harry Al-Adwani
James Allan
Lucia Azzi
Elliot Baxter
Archie Combe
Stacey Cornes
Emily Di-Silvestro
Abbey Donoghue
Lotte Evans
Tristan Fanning
Sophie Foote
Angus Good
Rebekah Hainsworth
Emily Harrigan
Martha Kirby
Katie McClung
Stanley Mitchell
Camilla Norris
Michelle Panteli
Heidi Parsons
Indi Phillips
Hannah Rae
Nick Rew
Maria Rivero
Meghan Rowe
Megan Seymour
Ellie Sharpe
Olivia Slater
Hamish Somers
Charlotte Spence
Kelly Stocker
Sophie Thorne
Ethan Vicars
Sebastian Ward
Zara Wilkins