Variété (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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‘The moon is up, so red, like blood on iron…’

1936 Hamburg, Germany.  A wandering naïve joins a seedy sideshow circus, the eccentric cast of which are rarely what they seem. As his success playing ‘The Bird Man’ grows, so does his psychotic obsession with the deaf trapeze dancer Maria. On one fateful moon drenched night he abandons his timidity to finally embrace his violence and wreak revenge…but was it real? Did it happen?

Variété is a remarkable and unusual music theatre piece originally written, directed and performed by Lindsay Kemp with his internationally renowned company. This is the first time that Lindsay Kemp has ever allowed another company to produce one of his works and it is directed by Kinny Gardner who was in the original cast and has been a soloist in the Kemp Company for over twenty years. He is working closely with the composer Carlos Miranda from Chile, who is re-creating and re visualising the score for the expanded cast of YMT.

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Ruby Ablett
Lewys Ball
Laurence Bashford
Joe Bence
Adrian Cojocariou Klein
Guy Conroy-Smith
Andrew Davison
Laura Deering
Simon Evans
Ryan Heenan
Lara Hoare-Lewis
Nathalie Jochum
Kate Johnson
Christina Jupp
Rebecca Lawton
Camilla Norris
Lily O’Sullivan
Jason Patel
Kiera Turner
Zoe Villiers
Jasmine Ward
Louise Webster
Matthew Williams


Jonathan Cooper
Francis Emery
Helena Logah
Megan Parkinson
Sam Sommerfeld