Unforgotten (2005) | British Youth Music Theatre

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1918 - the First World War is drawing to an end. A young French soldier is found wandering on a railway station. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there. This lost soul becomes the focus of a bewildered and shocked nation desperate to find the image of their missing loved ones in his silent eyes. A powerful drama of loss and longing; the blind journey of love past impossible odds; from silence to song.

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Anna Bradshaw
Jacquely Carter
Elizabeth Carter
Ambra Caserotti
Josh Cox
Alexandra Demicoli
Annabell Ellis
Adam Field-Wright
Hannah Fisher
William Hatcher
David Hendrickson
Beth Hill
Katy Jackson
Laura Jepp
Hayley Johnson
Michael Jones
Kathleen Lyons
Katie-Jan MacVean
Sarah Mawby
Alyson McKechnie
Shona McLellan
Elizabeth Morris
Jamie Muscato
Zvicombo Mutyambizi
Becky Neale
Aaron Nice
Louise Olley
Samuel Parker
Katy Pearce
Harriet Prust
Amie Shearer
Rebecca Stenhouse
Alice Todd
Tamara Wood