The Time of Our Freedom (2007) | British Youth Music Theatre

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'There's one flame that ignites,
That burns in us all,
Look, can't you see?
I burn now.'
"The vanity and pride of their leader costs a nation dearly – they pay the price with the lives of countless young men."

Taking one of the bloodiest stories from the Old Testament, composer Conor Mitchell and playwright Matthew Hurt will be re-imagining it in a contemporary light and examining its relevance to today. Why should young people suffer because of where they’re born? Or because of the family they’re born into? Is the mass slaughter of innocents ever justified? Through a groundbreaking mix of physical theatre, dance, orchestral music, song and the spoken word, this provocative story will be told in an excitingly theatrical style."

Conor Mitchell is a native of Northern Ireland, born in Lurgan and living in both London and Belfast. He won the Arts Foundation Award 2004 for his work in music theatre including Goblin Market recently performed at the Edinburgh Festival for Youth Music Theatre and Have a Nice Life at the New York Theatre Festival.

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Georgina Altman
Emma Bailey
Jennifer Baillie
Eimear Burns
Maeve Byrne
Anthony Collesso
Michaela-Rose Coussens
Frances Denney
Annabella Ellis
Rosie Evans
Harry Fielder
Rosha Fitzhowle
Anna Grady
Courtenay Hamilton
Alice Higginson
Joanna Hyndman
Katy Jackson
Robyn Johns
Annabel Jones
Sophie Jones
Joel MacCormack
Jennifer Manderson
Rachel Mannings
Gabriella Margulies
Helen Mason
Christina McBarron
Keith Mooney
Jamie Neale
Scott Norton
Sinead O'Kelly
Isabelle Paige
Tom Partridge
Donna Redgrave
Elizabeth Rowe
Lucy Scammell
Zofia Seymour
Jonathan Stirland
Rebecca Turner
Michael Woolston-Thomas