Terry Pratchett's Mort (2008) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job…

Meet Mortimer. An awkward, unemployable young man. Soon, however, he gets an offer he can’t refuse – free room, free board, and all for a business that will never be short of customers.
He doesn’t even need to be dead to take the position.

Being Death’s apprentice, however, comes with great responsibilities. Death is a difficult boss to work for and, understandably, Mort begins to make mistakes. Coupled with the fact he’s fallen in love with a Princess who should be dead, will Mort regret his unique career choice?

Wildly witty and inventive, this new musical adaptation based on Terry Pratchett’s classic Discworld novel has been developed for the last two years, and is a ‘dead funny’ treat for all ages.

British Theatre Guide Review: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/mortmusical-rev

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Lucy Abberley
Samuel Alexander
Jessica Atkins
Katy Ayling
Matthew Bawden
Paul Byrne
Jessica Carter
Jacob Chapman-Short
Susie Chaytow
Sophie Cowling
George Davey (Band)
Marcus Dobson
Rebecca Farmer
Phoebe Fildes
rebecca Groves
Daniel Hall
Lowri Hamer
Richard Hodgson
Callum Jones
Kirsty Jones
Susannah Joyce
Michael Lewis
Emily Linard
Abigail Lowe
Ryan Lynch
Eleanor Mace (Band)
Kathryn Morgan
Ashley Munton
Benjamin Norris
Amy Reader
Alice Sillett
Jos Slovick
Georgia Snow
Jonathan Stirland
Becky Taitt
James Taylor (Band)
Amelia Thomas-Wilson
Victoria Verbi
Laura Woodward
Rachel Wyness