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The Stones Are Hatching is a young adult fantasy novel by Geraldine McCaughrean first published in November 1999 by Oxford University Press. It recounts the fictional adventures of Phelim Green and his companions as they try to prevent the Stoor Worm from waking.

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Joe Ashman
Katie Atkin
Chloe Barry
Ricky Barton
Matthew Bawden
Hannah Bedding
Barnaby Bos
Rebecca Browett,
Liam Crowley
Robert Crowter-Jones
Billy Cullum
Rhiannon Drake
Ruairidh Duguid
Alexander Edwards
Annabell Ellis
Emyr Evans
Glen Facey
Lauren Fagan
Samantha Grant
Alex Hammond
Richard Hunter
Stephen Hyde
Jetta John-Hartley
Gabriella Margulies
Dominic Novak
Dmitri Olayzola
Sam O'Neill
Lizzie Parker
Francesca Peplow
Emily Robinson
Emily Taylor
Katie Tranter
David Walker
Holly Webley-Naylor