The Stones are Hatching (2005) | British Youth Music Theatre

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"Phelim was the only one, they said, the only one who could save the world from the Hatchlings of the Stoor Worm. The Stoor Worm, who had been asleep for aeons, was beginning to waken. The dreadful sounds of war had roused it, and now its Hatchlings were abroad, terrorizing the people who had forgotten all about them, forgotten all the ancient magics. As Phelim leaves his home and sets out on his quest, the words ring in his ears: 'You are the one. To stop the Worm waking. To do what must be done."

This project aims to start development of a new musical adaptation of this extraordinary book, using puppetry as well as conventional musical theatre.

Toby Davies has worked on a number of British Youth Music Theatre projects (most recently the Studio: Tunbridge Wells) as well as for numerous other youth theatre groups, Jenifer Toksvig is a writer and graduate of the Tisch School of Musical Theatre in New York and Alexander Rudd was winner of the 1997 National Young Composer of the Year award. Geraldine McCaughrean is a multiple-award-winning author of fiction for children.

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Holly Anthony
Amy Banks
Nathaniel Barber
Hannah Bedding
Sarah Birtles
Xenia Bragagnini
Charlotte Brown
Lucie Campbell
Shannon Cordiner
Lucie Campell
Imogen Duncan-Hood
Joanna Femi-Ola
Victoria Gant
Samuel Glen
Sophie Griffiths
Cameron Hall
Micheal Heath
Fia Houston-Hamilt
Mason Jubb
Christopher Keating
James King-Nickol
Steven Leadley
Rebecca Lee
Dylan Mason
Lauren McGee
Katy McKenna
Daniel Mitchell-Parson
Francesa Peplow
Dominic Quinn
Hannah Scanlon
Molly Stewart
Roseanne Vize
Edward Wade