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Terry Pratchett's 16th Discworld novel, Soul Music follows the short-lived but glamorous musical career of "The Band with Rocks In", a group of musicians who become famous after their leader, Imp Y Celyn (Welsh for "bud of the holly"), becomes possessed by the essence of an addictive new music dubbed 'Music With Rocks In'!  The band is "discovered" by Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler, who becomes the Disc's first manager. Famously in the show, Bud (dy Holly) says that the band is 'more popular than cheeses,' referring to John Lennon's famous quote proclaiming the Beatles to be more popular than Jesus.

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Oswald Addo
Liam Christie
Alana Dann
Morgan Davies
Rhianna Davies
Mollie Dibb
Matthew Dunning
James GIbbons
Angus Good
Patrick Hernandez
Jim Higson
Liam James
Sine Jones
James Kane
Max Kinder
Sophie Lees
Phoebe-Ann Lewis
Cherilyn Mawby
Francesca McGibbon
Curtis Medley
Anton Mouzykantskii
Emily Panes
Nicholle Peart
Sophie Potter
Emma Press
Jake Shepherd
Elizabeth Smith
Connor Taylor
Joseph Thomas
Amelia Thompson
Freya Tidy
Lily Woodhouse
Lucy Wordsworth
Olivia Wylie
Zach Yarrow