A Song for Eurydice (2010) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Two young lovers. A wedding. A tragedy. Two young lovers, never to be parted?

Orpheus loves Eurydice, Eurydice loves Orpheus.

Orpheus loses Eurydice on what should be the happiest day of his life. He faces a journey to the depths of the underworld to throw himself at the mercy of Hades armed with only his love and his music.

Set in culturally expansive 1950s Paris,  A Song for Eurydice is a musical exploration of the dangers of infatuation and the grieving for the loss of love.

Taking influence from the classical myth this project will explore themes such as love, death, expression and the great and universal power of art.This production will create a ensemble piece that brings this most tragic of love stories in an exciting and challenging new piece by YMT.

A company of strong all round performers aged 16 and above, with a particular interest in using their instrumental skills as actors or their experience in contemporary dance will bring this beautiful Greek love story to life, set in a vibrant and exciting time for art, music and culture.

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Lindsay Atherton
Luke Bannon
Stephanie Blackler
Jimmy Buchanan
Lizzie Buckingham
Zoe Bullock
Anna-Rose Charleton
Victoria Clarke
Adam Cooper
Lauren Cursiter
Bethan Downing
Glen Facey
Sophie Feek
Amy Flynn
Vicky Halsall
Annie Handscomb
Courtenay Johnson
Natasha Larkin
Stephen Leach
Lewis Malcom
Emma Martin
Megan McCole
Eva Mcgrath
Phillip Moynihan
Abbie Paxton
Francesca Peplow
Vicky Powell
Ellen Richards
Katie Spencer
Catriona Stott
Ailsa Thomson
Carmen Thomson
Phillip Todd
Isla Van Der Heiden
Edward Wade
Bethany Wilson
Lauren Wright