The Savage (2010) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Imagine you wrote a story and that story came true. This is exactly what happens to Blue Baker when he writes about a savage living alone in the woods near his home. After his dad’s death, Blue finds comfort in dreaming of a wild kid who survives on a diet of berries and the occasional hapless passer-by. But when the savage pays a night-time visit to the local bully, boundaries become blurred and Blue begins to wonder where he ends and the savage begins.

This amazing graphic novel will be our starting point for exploring how storytelling works, and how myths are made. We’ll be devising this work together, with a strong focus on dance and choral singing and searching for the Savage in all of us. We’ll be working in a beautiful location in Cumbria, the place where Charlotte Bronte went to school, and the final performances will be site-specific, which means we’ll be using strange and unusual performance spaces, possibly including the local churchyard and Charlotte’s old school room. In time we hope to develop something which could be performed at festivals and site specific venues anywhere in the country.

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Cambria Baily- Jones
Francesca Cameron
William Chambers
Siwan Clarke
Alexandra Coleman
Daniel Conway
Rhianna Davies
John Dawton
Ollie Dibben
Tristan Fanning
Harriet Garner
Sophie Garner
Jennifer Haynes
Hannah Hilliard
Laura Hunt
Matthew James
Rory Jones
Matthew Knock
Amelia Landon
Nathan Larkin
Mei Mac
Azlee Manley
Charlie Mills
Grace Mitchell
Lauren Morgan
Rebecca Murphy
David O' Grady
Emilie Perring
Timothy Praed
Matthew Richardson
Beth Robertson
Ronan Sheils
Edward Street
Isobel Taylor- Herbert
Anya Wanke


Louise Anderson
Danielle Audley- Wiltshier
Emma Beesley
Jennifer Cohen
Enya Doyle
Charlotte Grantham
Stephanie Hall
Kathryn Jennings
Eleanor Mace