The Salsa Sisters (2012) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Salsa Sisters is an exciting new musical set in 1958. The four Lopez sisters, aged between 16 and 20, decide to form a dance band and take Havana by storm  - jazz, mambo, rumba, salsa, anything goes - but they are knocked off course by their father’s failing health and the arrival of the revolutionaries.  The piece explored actor/musicianship and impressed with exciting choreography.

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Angel Asante
James Asare
Emily Bradley
Matthew Browne
Hannah Chaney
Lewis Cornay
Rosie Dempsey
Kofi Dennis
Samuel Dunham
William Emery
Danielle Evans
Eleanor Fallon
Antonia Gallagher
Alexander Gordon
Alex Horn
Catherine Johnston
James Kane
Nia Ledgister
Emily Lee
Georgia Lennon
Agustina Masondo
Sarah McCartney
Daisy McDonald
Baker Mukasa
Edward Parry
Saskia Pay
Anna Pritchard
Jess Roberts
Tom Royall
Chloe Rush
Annabelle Sami
Lara Sas
Ben Tanner
Josh Taylor
Faye Weerasinghe
Laila Zaidi