Red Hunter (2005) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Exploring the world of Joe McCarthy, the beat generation, music after Miles Davis and John Coltrane, the storylines weave around a lone dancer attracted to a black trumpet player, the relationship between a staff member of the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC) and a demobbed GI, blackmail and a drugs raid.

Composer Tim Sutton and director Vernon Mound have previously collaborated on jazz projects The Late Sleepers and Such Sweet Thunder. Clare Russ is the Artistic Director of the Clare Russ Ensemble and writer Jane Bodie teaches on the Royal Court Young Writer's Scheme and has a new play opening at Hampstead Theatre in May 2005.

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Dominiqu Ambrose
Pippa Andre
Lee Askew
Aretha Ayeh
Ross Barnes
James Benn
Lauren Bonner
Elise Bragard
Rebecca Cutting
Alex Dawson
Grace Durham
Scott Ellis
Cordelia Farnworth
Phoebe Fildes
Louise Geater
Henty Gilbert
Gemma Giubarelli
Rachel Grundy
Richard Hale
Lorna Harris
Helen Kelly
Beth Lynch
Catriona MacKenzie-Smit
Naomi Martin
Rachel McDermott
Philip Norton
Nicky Parks
Jasmine Quinlan-Gardner
Charlotte Ritchie
Jessica Robinson
Eloise Secker
Jos Slovick
Charlotte Taft
Jonathan Vickers
Toby Wilson
Jack Woodhead.