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A retelling of the Arthur and Camelot stories, inspired by the ancient mythologies of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the West Country, The Power of Camelot revisits the iconic legend of King Arthur and the kingdom of Camelot. 

Flash forward to 2024, meet Morgan, who’s been tasked with an epic quest to find the source of Camelot’s power, redeem her family name, and stop a band of evil knights from getting there first. When she teams up with an unlikely band of guardians, can they work as a team, or will a dark force rise up to destroy the land of Albion while they bicker? 

In this thrilling tale of monsters, myth, magic and mysticism, get ready for frightening fairies, serenading selkies, gruesome ghosts, and a gaggle of Glastonbury festival-goers.

Creative Team

Cerys Jones (Writer/Lyricist), Ruth Chan (Composer), Rhiann Jeffrey (Director), Ben McQuigg (Musical Director), Krista Vuori (Choreographer)

Performance Times

Fri 23 Aug 2024 2.30PM

Fri 23 Aug 2024 7.30PM

Sat 24 Aug 2024 2.30PM

Sat 24 Aug 2024 7.30PM



Venue Address:

Venue Address

Exeter Northcott Theatre
Stocker Road