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Over the Edge is a theatrical and musical exploration of what we find terrifying. Most of us harbour some fear or phobia. Most of us have been scared by something or someone, or have terrified someone else. Some fears are rational, and some are irrational. This project deliberately set out on a safe and supervised journey into the unknown, encouraging participants to explore the nature of terror, to go beyond the known and familiar - to go ‘over the edge’.

The project was subsequently developed further as Missing Melanie and performed at the Greenwood Theatre in 2006.

British Youth Music Theatre gratefully acknowledge support for this project from Awards for All Northern Ireland, the Exel Foundation, the Golsoncott Foundation and the Lynn Foundation.

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Andrew Agnew
Jaygann Ayeh
Rachel Annett
Sophie Boyne
Claire Cahoon
Marcus Dobson
Olenka Drapan
Nóra Duncan
Michelle Farrell
Dan Fortune
John Galea
James Gant
Ben Kerr
Luke McConnell
Lisa McEwan
Aine McGowan
Callum McIntyre
Catrina McKeever
Sarah McVeigh,
Emily McWilliams
Steven Millar
Gavin Moore
Stuart Murray
Hanah Nitti
Joseph O'Connor
Puja Parmar
Lynne Patterson
Ben Rowntree
Callum Simpson
Emily Spicer
Tara Wilcox
Bradley Wilson

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