The Open Door (2005) | British Youth Music Theatre

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A door opens. A voice is heard. A song is sung. One story unfolds. Then another. Each one an invitation to adventure, love, terror or wonder. Some are old, others new. All brought to life using songs and the simplest of props - pieces of wood, sheets, anything and everything - to create rich, powerful theatre. The Open Door project was a playful yet challenging, devised project using improvisation, games, puppetry, choral and rhythm work to release creative expression, play and spontaneity. This was focused to create strong characters and atmospheres on a stage rich in honest emotion and comedy.

Gerry Flanagan is an actor, director and teacher. He has lived and worked in Italy for two years where he performed as IL CALVONE. Gerry was well known for his work with Commotion Theatre Company, which developed a reputation for its highly inventive, clown theatre. He has performed with Theatre de Complicité, David Glass Ensemble and Clown Selvaggio. For the last ten years he has taught Clown and related subjects at the City Literary Institute, the Circus Space in London and many universities and schools.

Creative Team

Director and Deviser
Gerry Flanagan

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Chloe Bell
Jennifer Bell
Amy Blackshaw
Marie-Claire Campbell
Orla Doherty
Leigh Egerton
Natalie Ennis
Peter Harper
Claire Hughes
Nadine Hegarty
Claire Hughes
Jordan Humphries
Richard Hunter
Joanna Hyndman
Mark Laverty
Ruaidhri Maguire
Morgan Macintyre
Nuala McGowan
Niamh McGowan
Gareth McGreevy
Caoimhe McKearney
Clare McMahon
Tamara McShane,
Stephen O'Reilly
Catherine Potter
Niaomh Rodgers
Claire Rodgers
Hannah Stratton
Emmanuel Wroth