OMG: Ovid Unplugged (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Ovid was a poet in ancient Rome whose epic poem, The Metamorphoses, retells stories from Greek Mythology in which gods and goddesses fancy a variety of nymphs and earthlings who don’t want to know or who do something to incur their wrath and get changed into animals, insects, trees and flowers We’re going to unplug Ovid from the Latin landscape and plug him into the here and now. We’re going to look at the girls in his stories - those who said no, one who said yes and a couple who broke the rules - and reinvent them for ourselves.

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Romy Alexander
Catherine Bacon
Kiera Battersby
Laura Blackwood
Rebecca Blenkiron
Natalia Brown
Christina Cooper
Nuala Davies
Abbiy Donoghue
Jessica England
Megan Fitzpatrick
Hannah Ford
Grace Glevey
Samantha Graham
Thara Harrison
Bobby-Leigh Howard
Chelsea Little
Megan Mackenzie
Gillian Marshall
Hannah McLeod
Carly McPherson
Georgia Meredith
Clare O’Toole
Megan Parkinson
Verity Power
Victoria Roffey
Laura Scott
Ailsa Spangler
Anna Thrussell
Alice Vickery
Jenny Whittaker
Stephanie Wickmere
Phoebe Williams
Rebecca Wilson