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Youth Music Theatre UK - Not the End of the World 2015 - YMT - Youth Theatre

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What happened to the women and children aboard Noah's Ark?

A frighteningly zealous and single-minded Noah battles apocalyptic elements as we follow the story of the Flood through the eyes of his forgotten daughter. Obstacles litter our protagonist’s waterlogged path: stowaways, conflicts and the cramped animal cargo continuing to act as animals do, whatever their surroundings. Experience the dark reality in Geraldine McCaughrean’s Whitbread Award-winning epic, spectacularly re-envisaged by 40 talented performers and musicians. It'll leave you gasping for air...

***** 'It is not often that you see such an impressive and stunning production as Youth Music Theatre UK’s Not the End of the World at the Fringe. This Scottish première demonstrates the immense talents of this company and is certainly one show that should be on your list of must sees.' - British Theatre Guide

***** 'This is a stunning, atmospheric piece of theatre that holds you for the entire 90 minutes.' - Edinburgh Guide

**** 'A thoroughly well-rehearsed piece, this production boasts some astonishingly mature performances and voices in the Youth Music Theatre UK company.' - Musical Theatre Review