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This show is based on the true story of orphans who were taken out of New York on trains and paraded in front of families for adoption; our version follows the children who were not chosen and became the children of the Naughty Carriage. The show explores themes of home and belonging, inspired by the true experiences of Children who are Looked After (CLA) and those with non-traditional families. The story is about belonging and finding your tribe in a playful way, celebrating anarchic, individual, curious children and those who are able to find and make their own version of family. This is a glorious story of children and young people rebelling against the systems that the adults have forced them into.

The Orphan Train Movement ran between 1854 and 1929 in America, relocating almost a quarter of a million young people. These orphans were branded as “being thrown friendless upon this world” and were exhibited to families who were keen to adopt a child: “Some ordered boys, others girls, some preferred light babies, others dark, and the orders were filled out properly and every new parent was delighted”, reported The Daily Independent of Grand Island, NE in May 1912. We are most interested in the children who don’t get picked and how their stories can be touching, funny and ultimately empowering.

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Creative Team

Composer, Co-Lyricist & Musical Director
Luke Saydon

Writer & Co-Lyricist
Carl Miller

Emily Gray

Ash Mukherjee

Sound Designer
A&M Productions


Venue Address:

Venue Address

Dundee Rep Theatre
Tay Square