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At a large inner city comprehensive, Melanie goes missing at the beginning of her first term in the sixth form. The resulting impact on her friends, classmates and sisters is dramatic, scary and funny in turns.

Missing Melanie was originally developed from an improvised project in Belfast in summer 2004 and was later shown at the Belfast Festival in October 2004 under the title Over the Edge.

The script and score were further rewritten during 2006 turning Missing Melanie into full length 2 hour show with interval.

This production performed at the Greenwood Theatre in London featured a new cast and was filmed for future DVD production and performance. The show has now been asked to perform at the House of Commons in February 2007 as part of an all party evening to raise awareness of missing and runaway children.

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Pippa Andre
Katherine Annand
Lee Askew
Aretha Ayeh
Lucie Campbell
Aiden Crawford
Philip Davies
Peter Dukes
Joseph Farmer
Phoebe Fildes
Chris Fitzgerald-Lombard
Lizzie Foyle
Rachel Furner
Lauren Hember
Fia Houston-Hamilton
Aimee Iggulden
Steph James
Gabriel Jones
Jessica Kershaw
Chay Lewandowski
Catriona Mackenzie-Smith
Ashley Mackintosh
Rachel McDermott
Daniel McKee
James Nitti
Josh Parsons
Rebekah Powell
Donna Redgrave
Sophie Roberts
Alice Sillett
James Stanley
Isobel Steane
Mark Sutherland
Polly Thompson
Rosanna Vize
Matthew Willcock
Tamara Woodhouse