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YMT Summer Season - Macbeth 2014

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The thumping sound of Drum ‘n’ Bass cascades down the corridors of Dunsinane. An ominous beat reverberates through the dank fog of YMT's dystopian reimagining of Shakespeare's perennial horror story Macbeth.This thrilling new piece of music theatre combines fierce electronic music with contemporary choreography: this is Shakespeare as you've never seen it before.

With the direction from the accomplished Stuart Harvey and music by Belfast-born Garth McConaghie, YMT's Macbeth is a truly thought-provoking musical version of this classical play.

Set in a nameless Asian state sometime in the future, the digital world has come to a grinding end, the internet crashes, screens randomly flicker in the corridors of power. Macbeth, an ambitious head of security, monitors groups of young men and women attempting to bring the establishment down. But a super-natural encounter is going to change all that. A story of treachery, deceit and blind ambition is to be found in the shadows of a neo-noir world where no one can be trusted. A challenging musical theatre version of the classic play in a digital dystopia.