Macbeth (2011) | British Youth Music Theatre

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London. The summer of 2011. As the infamous riots rip through the city, the tension becomes almost palpable. Where once lay a gleaming capital city, there is now a smashed-up wasteland of shattered glass and burning cars. In this chaotic new world, the struggle to gain power and influence is of the utmost importance. It’s time to look out for number one.

If you saw Grace Online in 2007 or A Song for Eurydice in 2010 you will know Garth McConaghie’s amazing music and not be surprised that he wrote this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Closer to a chamber opera than a traditional musical, but with a bass line of dubstep thrown in for good measure, Macbeth is an actor/musician piece which created an exciting challenge for YMT. This production was created in Bradford, and then transferred to The Drill Hall, London for its debut performance in October 2011.

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Ruby Ablett
Katy Ayling
Rachel Berkowitz
James Boal
Matthew Browne
Rosie Cava- Beale
Susannah Chaytow
Toby Cordes
John Dawton
Lilley Deevey
Rosie Dempsey
William Flinn
Natalie Goodwin
Shadrack Guichard-Foster
Matthew Harker
Paul Harris
Charlotte Hickman
Laurence Kilsby
Isabelle Kirk
Matthew Knock
George Martindale
Luke McCall
Kathryn Monteiro
Chloe Packer
Sophie Partridge
Jenevieve Phillipson
Anna Pritchard
Anna Rathbone
Jennifer Shrimpton
Ewan Somers
Kelly Stocker
Eleanor Toms
Jenny Ward
Amy Warren
Bethany Wilson
James Wilson
Zoe Wright
Chris Yates