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BYMT’s new production of The Legend of White Bear Lake is a haunting musical based on a Native American tale from Minnesota.

Two teenagers from rival tribes fall in love and must fight to keep their relationship a secret, rowing to the middle of the lake each night to meet each other. The legend of the white bear is passed down to each generation and warns that the two tribes must not mix or a giant bear will wake from his slumber and attack the tribes. When the secret relationship is discovered, a battle breaks out. One night when the lake is frozen over, the bear appears and viciously attacks the young lovers. The tribes must decide if they can come together to defeat the mysterious white bear. 

Dark and atmospheric, The Legend of White Bear Lake features an ethereal score and spectacular movement to bring the legend to life.



 It is with great sadness we announce that we have made the difficult decision to curtail The Legend of White Bear Lake. Despite all of our efforts at preventing and containing Covid outbreaks on all of our Summer Projects, this comes following positive tests from several cast members. We know this is very disappointing to all concerned, but we feel it is the best course of action to keep everyone as safe as possible.

However, this is not the end for The Legend of White Bear Lake! We are determined to try and resume the production at a later date so that this stunning and ethereal show and its extremely talented cast and crew have the chance to showcase all of their hard work.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility in these challenging times. We wish all involved a swift and healthy recovery and hope to see you all again very soon!