Le Tabou! (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Le Tabou! An invitation to a wild, extravagant 13 day party.  A party made by the performers, the musicians, the dancers, the poets, the dreamers, the artists and the sss-singers.  Absurdist, surreal, crazy and comic, this project has rooms and corridors and brrrrroooom cupboards for invention, improvisation and inspiration from you!  Le Tabou! will bounce off the work of Boris Vian, French jazzman, novelist, pun-loving rhymester, maker of model aeroplanes and employee of the Parisian Department of Paper and Cardboard (quoi?). With music by singer/songwriter Gwyneth Herbert, direction by YMT devising specialist Kath Burlinson and movement, art and creative expression by painter and polymath Juliette Jeanclaude (oui, Française, aussi). Bienvenue à “L’Écume du Jours” - “the “Froth of the Daydream”, where words turn into ballet and waterlilies grow in people’s lungs.

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Jason Battersby
Vivi Bayliss
Henry Brennan
Aodhán Burnell
Ella Carter
Keziah Grace
Joseph Conway
Chesney Fawkes-Porter
Jessica Foy
Hamish Halley
Jess Johnson
Taran Jones
Priya Kumar
Kate Landy
Roman Lewis
Tamsin Lynes
Callum Maine
Hannah Mears-Young
Bethany Miall
Chloe Packer
Emma Pallett
Lewis Rhomes
Chezz Shanahan
Beth Sillitoe
Lissy Stowell
Danny Sykes
Katie Theobald
Misty Tindall
Ethan Vicars
Harry Wainwright Little
Scott Walker
Jacob Watson
Jessica Watts
Caroline Whittingham