Great Expectations (2008) | British Youth Music Theatre

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'Come gather around hear the tale,
That's unfolding of one boy with Great Expectations,
His Christian name Philip, his surname was Pirrup,
But call him Pip'
This is GREAT EXPECTATIONS as you have never seen it before. One of Charles Dickens' most famous tales, retold with imagination and humour.

"We will create a show that is invigorating, comic and heart-breaking with an original blend of song, clowning and physical theatre in which members of the audience collaborate in the creation of Pip’s world. Together we will meet the eccentric Miss Haversham, have our hearts broken by the beautiful Estella, and speculate over the identity of our mysterious benefactor.

This production will play with Dickens’ ingredients yet remain faithful to the language, characterisation and emotion of the original work. The audience’s imagination will be awakened by the inventive use of simple props and costume. Dickens’ fantastic caricatures provide great platforms for comedy and satire. There will be irreverence but no parody, comedy but not pantomime. The result will be potent musical theatre." - Gerry Flanagan

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Alex Bernas
Rachel Bird
Erica Birtles
Carlie-Anne Chuchla
Matt Cordiner
Billy Cullum
Ruth Granton
Gabrielle Green
Rebecca Henderson
Paddy Higgins
Kay Hindmarsh
Dean Johnson
Rosie Kellett
Christina King
Raheem Mir
Edward Nash
Michael Parker
Ewan Petrie
Kimberley Robb
Anna Simmons
Joseph Simmons
Malinda Smith
Peter Smith
Katherine Sparshatt
Sophy Bethan Stott
Sarah Weston
Joe Whiteman