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The Edinburgh Festival run of Goblin Market finished on 28th August 2005 after a 21 performance run lasting over a month. The production received many 4 and 5 star reviews and was seen by over 2,500 people.

Opera, fairytale, musical theatre combine in this spectacular production originally produced at the Lyric Theatre Belfast. Goblin Market is an 75 minute chamber opera charting the story of two sisters who are ‘tempted’ by goblin merchant men. The poem has been controversial since it was first written in 1862 but this production has been hailed by press and public alike as a huge success, the production setting new standards of excellence in youth theatre.

The young cast members are drawn largely from Northern Ireland as well as from mainland Britain.

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Rachel Annett
Jaygann Ayeh
James Bailey
Helen Batch
Sophie Boyne
Sarah Carter
Marcus Dobson
Olenka Drapan
Nora Duncan
Michelle Farrell
Daniel Fortune
James Gant
Sinead Gribben
Sarah Hagan
James Hughes
Carl Hunter
Alana Kerr
Ben Kerr
Luke McConnell
Lisa McEwan
Callum McIntyre
Graham McKee
Catriona McKeever
Sarah McVeigh
Emily McWilliams
Steven Millar
Stuart Murray
Hannah Nitti
Puja Parmar
Lynne Patterson
Elizabeth Rowe
Callum Simpson
Sasha Tandon
Aimee Thompson
Edward Wade
Tara Wilcox
Bradley Wilson
Sirinya Williams
Fiona Wilson
Bradley Wilson